Judy would love to visit with you and your group.

TALKS & TOPICS include:
  • Getting to know the real-life adoptees from the Tennessee Children’s Home Society
  • Lessons Learned from Survivors of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society
  • How to Research and Write a Nonfiction Book
  • How to Save Your Family Stories with Storytelling & Interviewing
  • A Writing Journey: Why Books Matter Now More Than Ever
  • Middle-School Book Love: How to integrate real-life issues with fiction
  • Hurry Less, Worry Less: Follow Your Dream While Paying the Rent
  • Book Lovers, Unite! Enjoying the Gift of Reading with a Book Club
  • Library Love: How Libraries Changed My Life
TALKS For Writers:
  • Your Book, Your Logline: How to figure out what your story is really about
  • How to Come Up With Your Best Idea
  • How to write with a partner
  • POV, sub-text and other subtle book savers
  • Sit Down and Write: 5 ways to have fun writing
  • How to Write Your Own Book Even If You Don’t Feel Like a Writer
  • Starting from scratch: How to Write a Book when you don’t know what you’re doing
Other Topics:
  • Self-care for servant Leaders: How to take care of yourself while caring for others the challenge of change: you go first
  • Spring Cleaning for the Heart & Soul: A fresh look at enjoying life and work
  • Hurry Less, Worry Less at the Holidays

To schedule a speaking engagement with Judy or for additional information, please get in touch; we look forward to hearing from you.

What our readers are saying…

“Christie has developed a sweet community, with dogs that can be depended on for comic relief and assorted quirky townspeople with varying histories, squarely in the vein of Jan Karon’s Mitford or Charlene Baumbich’s Partonville.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“This charming series will appeal to fans of Jan Karon and Philip Gulley for its homespun feel.”

Library Journal

“Judy Christie creates characters you’ll want to know and places you’ll want to be. Don’t miss your chance to rally ’round with the gang from Green!”

Lisa Wingate, national bestselling author of Larkspur Cove and Dandelion Summer

“What are you waiting for? Come on down to Green and find out what all the fuss is about!”

Lenora Worth, New York Times bestselling author of Hometown Sweetheart