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Writing Fiction With

a Louisiana Flavor


Story ideas practically fall out of the cypress trees in my home state of Louisiana.


Our patch of land — where the USA meets the Gulf of Mexico — is filled with bayous and boudin, magnolias and meat pies, folks who care about faith, family and having fun.


I love living in Louisiana — and I love writing about it.  


Each of my novels is set in a fictional Louisiana town and draws on big-hearted people and small-town charm. Drive South on La.1 or cut across the Atchafalaya Basin on I-10, and you'll see in an instant the unique and wonderful essence of Louisiana. The names on the map only hint at the texture of this place I've lived for most of my life.


Residents are full of personality, people who persevere through hard times and party during good times. Quirky and compassionate, residents approach life with down-to-earth good humor and are great storytellers, fine inspiration for characters we care about.


Down here, folks farm cotton and crawfish, sugar cane and catfish. History-drenched, Louisiana has layers of old-world texture and community charm. You're apt to see a pirogue on a lake while a bass boat blasts by, and you’re bound to see four-wheelers in the back of pickups, no matter what the season.


The food, as rumored, is the best in the country, menus offering beignets and etoufee, red beans and rice and bread pudding, gumbo and jambalaya. And that's just the start of it ...


Louisianans take their seasons seriously--summer, which lasts six months in all of its hot, humid glory; hurricane season, which keeps the coast watching the weather; Mardi Gras, a medley of beads, balls, King Cake and parades; and, of course, football and hunting seasons.


In Louisiana, we have a word for that little something extra in life — lagniappe. That’s what I hope my stories bring to readers — a little something extra.

Suggested Headline: My newest novel, Sweet Olive, published by Zondervan/HarperCollins Christian Publishing, first in the new Trumpet & Vine Series


“Sweet Olive” is about what happens when a unique Southern town collides with the outside world and big oil. Oil-and-gas negotiator Camille Gardner must entice a group of rural landowners to sell their mineral rights and, instead, finds herself drawn to the folk art created by those same landowners.


Coming Fall 2014: In “Magnolia Market,” the second novel in the Trumpet & Vine Series, Avery Broussard’s life is falling apart when she takes over a rundown corner store and begins to shake things up.


The Green series of novels

My five-part Green series of novels, including “Gone to Green,” show what happens when  a big-city journalist winds up running the newspaper in the fictional Louisiana town of Green. She changes the town, and the town changes hers.



“Wreath” is a Young Adult novel about

16-year-old Wreath Willis, who lives in a Central Louisiana junkyard after her mother dies. Wreath will do anything to graduate from high school — and I hope she finds a home in your heart.

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Sweet Olive: “Christie’s charming story has a cast
that readers will remember long after finishing the novel ... Christie is a talented author.”
— Romantic Times

Gone to Green: “Refreshingly realistic religious fiction, this novel is unafraid to address the injustices of sexism, racism and corruption ... Yet these darker
narrative tones beautifully highlight the novel’s message of friendship, community and God’s reassuring and transformative love.”
— Publishers Weekly
In the quirky world of “Magnolia Market,” Avery Broussard winds up running a corner store and finding unexpected love.
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